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Health, Safety,
& Timely Information

at techcare for Caregivers, notification systems are the foundation of

our careful approach.

Proactive Information

We are focused on pro-actively keeping your Aging-in-Place loved ones

Safe from dangerous conditions and giving you the information

so that you can make sure that they are totally safe, comfortable, and healthy.


Staying vigilant and aware of possible issues before they have a negative impact and letting you take preventative action during calmer times.

That is our differentiator.


We use, provide, install, and recommend these amazing technology products.


How Does
Caregiver Smart Solutions Work?


Our small, non-intrusive sensors are placed discretely around the home. These sensors monitor your loved ones’ activities and feed information to our app.



Open the app to find data that shows whether your loved one is eating, sleeping normally, and moving around. You’ll also find insights for early detection of problems and can also see if there are changes in their eating, sleeping, and activity patterns.



Sensors also provide reliable fall detection, which may reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall – even if your loved one is incapable of calling for help.



Alerts are sent to the caregivers, which can be more than one person and The caregiver’s history is maintained by the app which can also help answer questions from the doctor.



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