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homeCARE Specifics


What, When, Where & How would you like it?



(available to both                   &                   members)
Our purpose in this effort is take away all your concerns and worries as you leave this significant investment in our hands for months at a time. Your arrival back in Arizona means that you are home, even if it's a home away. When you touch down, your vehicle is ready and waiting at the Air Center, detailed and gassed up, the house is cool and smells great, everything is freshly clean and the windows are crystal clear, there are fresh sheets on the beds, the refrigerator is stocked with your favorites and the patio furniture has been cleaned and set up. Your favorite music is playing and your pool is sparkling and ready for a dip. You can enjoy your home away as soon as you arrive.
No worries, no hassles and not one thing, big or small that you need to do before you can relax.


Attention to detail sets us apart. To get started we will complete am initial comprehensive home assessment. This allows us to develop a plan of action and get your house worked into the homeCARE Process. We use secured cloud storage technology to catalogue your home’s vital information to enable efficient and effective service. 


Our comprehensive home assessment maintenance review includes all pertinent information relating to your home's included systems and detailed information about the mechanical devices, electronics, all appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems. —including serial and model numbers—entered into our secure cloud database for easy access and use.

TRANSPARENCY IS OUR GUIDE.You will receive regular detailed status report after all homeCARE visits. If any repairs or maintenance issues arrise, you will be notified and consulted on any issues that need to be addressed. We will submit an accurate assessment of the repairs and services required and secure competitive quotes and send them directly to you. No surprises or large expenses without your input and approval. You will be given personal access to all of your home’s data and accumulated data and inspection reports on a secure shared Dropbox cloud file.


You can rest easy in the knowledge that we provide full summer care, including a weekly Property Check, a review of cooling systems, temperature set points, and any post monsoon visits required.


As part of our management package, you will also receive 24/7 non-emergency response services. We will be 1st on the contact list with the Intrusion Security company and will clear all alarms on-site with the first responders.

As part of this service component, we will install a separate critical notifications package that includes:

  • Water Leak (flood) Sensors for laundry room and at all water heater locations

  • Interior motion sensing security cameras to provide verification for alarms (taken down in anticpation of your arrival and replaced in your absence)

  • Exterior motion sensing security cameras to provide peace of mind and a recorded video archive of all activities at your home. During your absence, we can direct the video notifications to our team so we can sweat the small stuff and notify you of incidences that rise above your indicated interest level.

  • Thermostat status notifications and adjustment


Your home is a priority with our entire team, and in the event of any home-related matter, we will dispatch the On-Call Management-level Service Agent to your home.


homeCARE is designed to keep you in the know at all times. We keep a watchful eye on your home while your away.

Home Interior (including on-site Interface with Service Providers)

  • Plumbing check including inspection of all interior taps and faucets and sinks/tubs/vanities for leakage and operation, toilet function, drain check

  • Check for correct operation of the HVAC system

  • Monitoring & changing of filters

  • Check all large appliances

  • Check garage door operation

  • Check fuse panels for tripped breakers

  • Visual check for insects and pests and take appropriate actions

Home Exterior

  • Visual check of doors, windows and locks for signs of water leaks, damage or forced/unauthorized entry

Landscape​ (including on-site Interface with Service Providers)

  • General monitoring of landscape for condition and appearance

  • Visual pool and spa inspection

  • Visual inspection of exterior drains and gutters to ensure they are performing correctly.

  • Storm and power outage checks - We will make special additional visits after major storm and/or power outages.


  • Visual check and report on fuel levels (if applicable)

  • Winter/summer-ize all on-site vehicles shortly after your departure

  • Perform vehicle battery maintenance while in our care

  • Start and run all on-site vehicles monthly

  • Perform pre-arrival maintenance and detailing

  • Air Center Car Delivery & Pick-up, whether your ready to come or go!


  • Mail Pick Up and Forwarding to anywhere in the world.

Summer Packages Start out at $495 per month.
During the Winter months (or any full month that you are in AZ), your price reverts back to your regular membership fee.
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