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Golden Retriever

Health, Safety,
& Timely Information

at techcare for Pets, notification systems are the foundation of

our careful approach.


We are focused on pro-actively keeping your Furry Friends

Safe from dangerous conditions and giving you the information

so that you can make sure that they are totally safe, comfortable, and healthy.


Staying vigilant and aware of possible issues before they have a negative impact and letting you take preventative action during calmer times.

That is our differentiator.

to see more about these technology solutions to your pet-related challenges


We use, provide, install, and recommend these amazing technology products.

A smart pet device that monitors your pet’s location, health and fitness, which you can clip or attach on any collar.  Built for the outdoors and every adventure, this GPS-enabled smart tracker is packed with health and fitness monitoring features that give you the best pet parent peace of mind possible. 
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Be alerted if the Air Conditioner fails and your pets are in danger when you are away from your RV .

MySpool Power Failure Alert is a smart device that sends an text or email alert if power failure strikes and/or a rise in heat is detected. 
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