Holding the Flashlight

I greatly admire the Goettl A/C guy from the radio ads, Ken Goodrich.

I too have a good flashlight story.

As a kid, I spent many nights “checking doors” with my Police Chief father in a small Iowa town in the early ‘70s. It seems quaint looking back, but we (he) would rattle every door of every business in town every night after closing time to make sure that they were locked up tight. Kind of gave the old cliché of a small town rolling up the streets after dark real meaning. We were good going down the series of front doors on Main St. under the street lights, but it was in the alleys where he would pull his flashlight off his belt and hand it to me to light the way. It was definitely a small thing that may have only prevented "disaster" just a few times in all those years, but it made a deep impact on me to know that he took that time every night to ensure that “his town” was secured, that stayed with me.