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What, When, Where & How Much?

($495 variable initial set-up fee)



Careful Maintenance & Monitoring

Remote Access & Support

When an service interuption occurs, our secure remote support tool enables us to respond much more quickly by accessing your network from our office and eliminates waiting for an on-site service call. We will remedy many situations before you even know something is amiss.

In-home Updates & Optimization

Regularly scheduled well-care visits keep everything in top operating condition and all of the operating systems the run your installed and mobile devices are kept up-to-date. WiFi system optimization and settings are checked and adjusted. ​Driver updates for all your peripheral devices are monitored and updated. Complete A/V System is checked and needed updates and adjustments are made. All Control Systems are tested and system interfaces are secured and optimized.

Advanced Security
Smart Cyber Security

Your home is full of smart devices. They are not protected by antivirus, leaving your home open to hackers. Eero Plus secures everything from tablets and PCs, to TVs.

Packages Start out at $49 per month.

Prices vary by scope of system, number of devices and location.



Unlimited Service - Extra-mile, Bend-over-Backwards, You say Jump, we say how High?
All of the techCare package features included

For those with serious systems, many users and Over-the-TopCARE wants and needs. You get everything, plus More.

Additional topCARE features:
  • 24/7 Talk or Text Emergency Contact directly with the Big Guy

  • ASAP emergency on-site service if required

  • Pre-arrival / Pre-event well-care visits (with 7 day notice)

  • On-site TopCARE Service for Special Events

($995 initial set-up fee)





Packages Start out at $295 per month.

Prices vary by scope of system, number of devices, sense of urgency &

general reciprocal kindness.





($295 initial set-up fee)
For our friends and family with slightly more life experience and a little less experience with technogy.
Folks who need less equipment and a silver haired advocate who has their best interest in mind and at heart.



  • Initial DOCSIS 3.0 Modem & Eero Smart WiFi Router Delivery, Installation and Set-up

  • Cox Broadband Service Provider Interface and Assistance

  • Cyber Security Lock-down of Network and all connected devices

  • Internet Modem & WiFi Systems monitoring

  • Initial Set-up on PCs, Smart Phones and/or Tablets

  • Email, Google and Facebook Set-up w/ Bookmarks

  • Printer / Scanner Set-up

  • Monthly Phone Check-ins

  • Optional: 
  • Modem & WiFi System reboot hardware service

  • Cable & Power Management

  • Modern Printer Delivery, Set-up and configuration

  • And many other options

Packages Start out at $29 per month.

Prices vary by required training and time commitment necessary .



Canadian & US new friends
Summer homeCARE Packages
start out at $495 per month.
During the Winter months (or any full month that you are in AZ, your price reverts back to your regular techCARE or topCARE amount.
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